Pedro Cabrita Reis

Museum, Pedro Cabrita Reis

Albarrán Bourdais is pleased to announce the representation of artist Pedro Cabrita Reis and his first solo exhibition at the gallery in Madrid: Museum.

Pedro Cabrita Reis, has woven throughout his career, a multidisciplinary tapestry that encompasses sculpture, installation and painting. His approach is distinguished by the innovative use of industrial elements, deployed in ways that go beyond their utilitarian function to become poetic elements.

Reis’ minimalist aesthetic is not only superficial; it is a portal to complexity and reflection. Each work is a dialogue between materials and space, creating installations that invite contemplation and awaken a unique connection between the work and the viewer.

Throughout his professional career, Pedro Cabrita Reis has taken his art to an international level, participating in exhibitions and biennials that have resonated in renowned galleries and museums. His ability to merge architecture with artistic expression has established a new paradigm in contemporary art, where his installations become visual and sensorial dialogues that transcend conventional barriers.

Each of Reis’ works is a journey, an invitation to explore the relationship between the viewer and artistic creation. His carefully conceived installations not only occupy a physical space, but also activate the viewer’s imagination and interpretation, generating a unique experience in each encounter.

For the artist’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, coinciding with ARCO Madrid 2024, Pedro Cabrita Reis introduces a set of meticulously conceived in situ installations, promising a radical transformation of the exhibition space.

This exhibition, Museum, marks a milestone in the career of Pedro Cabrita Reis, not only for being his first solo exhibition in the Madrid gallery, but also for the opportunity to witness the evolution of his artistic practice in direct dialogue with the space that houses it.

The proposal anticipates an encounter between the artist’s creativity and the specific environment of the gallery. This set of installations, conceived specifically for the gallery environment, seeks to go beyond the mere visual exhibition.