Beyond the White Cube

Pioneers and passionate, Christian Bourdais and Eva Albarrán have been working for more than twenty years with key figures in architecture and contemporary art. In 2004, Albarrán and Bourdais founded Eva Albarrán & Co, today known as one of the largest contemporary art producers in France. Specializing in cultural engineering and the development of public art projects combining heritage, urbanism and contemporary art, the agency produces both museum and outdoor exhibitions, as well as large-scale art commissions for public spaces.

At the same time and starting in 2010, Eva and Christian create Solo Houses, a still developing project of vacation homes, conceived by a new generation of young international architects.
The Solo Houses project is located in Spain, in the Natural Park of the Puertos de Beceite, in the mountainous region of Matarraña. Alongside these unpublished architectural works and the Venta d’Aubert vineyard, which has just been incorporated into the project, Eva Albarrán and Christian Bourdais organize biannual art tours around this spectacular space, with monumental works that respond to the natural and exceptional environment of Solo Houses and dialogue with it.

The latest project to be developed is the Albarrán Bourdais gallery, which opened its doors in Madrid in 2018. It showcases established contemporary artists with international projection such as Christian Boltanski, Iván Argote, Dominique Gonzalez- Foerster, Hector Zamora, Claudia Comte and Koo Jeong A, among others. With the opening of the Albarrán Bourdais Gallery in Eva’s hometown, they want to offer these artists a gateway to the Spanish and Latin American market, whose vitality is indisputable.
In order to reach out to new audiences, in 2021 they open a new gallery location in Mahon, Menorca, with a large exhibition by Christian Boltanski, which will offer visitors summer exhibitions with internationally renowned artists.

In 2022, Albarrán Bourdais Madrid moves to a spectacular 800 m2 space on Barquillo street, in the heart of the city center, to offer its artists the best possibilities for experimentation and exhibition, combining on-site installations and ad hoc productions. Far from functioning simply as an exhibition space, Albarrán Bourdais seeks to continue expanding its experience in art production to show its works in unexpected and little explored places.