Morgane Tschiember

Born in 1976 in Brest. Lives and works in Paris.

Morgane Tschiember is a French artist working with sculpture and painting. She is concerned with the exploration of materials, forms, colors and the links between the original state and its transformation when one material or color collapses with another. The artist’s body of work illustrates a limitless dialogue that is both conceptual and physical as forms emerge. At the intersection of time and action, Morgane Tschiember’s investigation of sculpture and painting can be considered minimalist, sensual and requires a multi-dimensional approach that drowns viewers in contemplation.

Morgane Tschiember graduated from DNSEP (National School of Artistic Expression) in Quimper in 1999, as well as from ENSBA in Paris (National School of Fine Arts) in 2002.

The artist was awarded the Espace Paul Ricard Prize in 2001.

Available artwork