Lucia C. Pino

Lucía C. Pino lives in Barcelona from where she invokes sculpture as a space that underlines the relationship between matter, economy, politics, desire and theory. Her work does not operate as a metaphor, analogy or example, but as an activity that can be understood as the place of concrete negotiation between multiple variables, which are finally given to a geometric locus.

Pino has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the UV and completed her studies at the DAMS in Bologna, Italy. Her work has been shown in institutions and spaces such as HANGAR, Barcelona; Artiatx, Bilbao, la Casa Encendida, Madrid; Local Project Art Space of the ‘Window to Spain’ and the Pragda Big Screen Project, both in New York, the Aulenti Gallery at the Triennale in Milan and D/ART/, Sydney.

The pieces by Lucía C. Pino’s pieces exhibited in Green Flames use copper in different states and from different origins, as the main material of the composition, providing continuity and conductivity between the objects and the distance that separates them. Through their textures, sheens, temperatures and reflections, the sculptures invite us to imagine the ambiguity of a movement between the objects and the body.