Mathieu Mercier

Piezas selectas & obras clave


11.02.21 – 17.04.21

Galería Albarrán Bourdais is pleased to announce Mathieu Mercier’s first exhibition at the gallery. Mathieu Mercier, one of the most prominent artists on the French scene, lives and works between Paris (France) and Valencia (Spain).

With his works he amuses us by making interpretations of stereotypical objects that we find in our day to day, giving them an extraordinary meaning and transforming them into artistic pieces of an extremely careful aesthetic that could be attributed to constructivism or minimalism.

His works question modern artists such as Mondrian or Rodtchenko and their neoplasticist utopia of art already integrated into lifewhere symbolism and figurativeism have no place. With an uninhibited attitude, the artist frees familiar everyday objects from their symbolic and utilitarian interpretations and functions, and with great simplicity he appropriates materials, shapes
and colors, giving these common and common objects a new elevated, aesthetic and artistic meaning. . The artist leads us to associations of ideas in a participatory way, provoking individual interpretations that stimulate the imagination, sometimes even approaching the absurd.

Mercier approaches each new proposal from the point of view of architecture and the nature of the exhibition space, transforming it into a contextual work in itself where each characteristic
of the environment seems created. The arrangement of the works and the search for different installations, the sequences, the associations of pieces of different nature or from different periods are part of the creative process that leads the viewer into confusion created by illusion.

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