Victor Ruiz Colomer

Víctor Ruiz Colomer is an artist based in Barcelona whose practice operates from participatory and collaborative processes based on self-management. His work often takes the form of installation, sculpture or performance, activating encounters and stimulating the sharing of a wide variety of knowledge, with special attention to issues such as horticulture, education and energy policies.

Victor has a degree in Art and Design from Ravensbourne College (London) and a degree in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art (London). Recent projects include Nuevosdeportes, fluent – Santander, 2022; (stream) pont, pont, jardí, Caixa Forum, Barcelona; Paul Thek, Hacer historia(s) / Cascades at Mercat de les Flors. He has had solo and group exhibitions at MART (Dublin, 2016), Limbo (London, 2016), Sant Andreu Contemporani (Barcelona, 2017) or MUU(Helsinki, 2018).

Victor Ruíz Colomer a deployable sculptures that take the imaginary of energy infrastructures and their interaction with our everyday life as a starting point. Starting from a series of gestures and movements (the pages of a book when reading it, the pulleys of a gear, the flow of liquids and a much broader fabric of technologies and systems that support life), suspiezas invite us to think about energy logics from a poetic and transformative approach.