Jacob Ott

His practice is guided by an interdisciplinary approach, working on the unstable border betweenartistic production and art education. Situated on this border and assuming a performative position,her work and research explores ways in which language emerges through matter and physicalsenses. In particular, embodying instances in relation to the environment, in order to speculateon the origin of the technologies we create and use to communicate. Floating in different watersources has become a habit that opens a language to describe a place that emerges from thesuperposition of at least two geographical layers, his own and the one he inhabits, producing acritical approach to material and abstract knowledge. His work aspires to be critical and coherentwith its immediate context, through different media such as video and sculpture, cultural platformsand ephemeral schools. Since 2010 he works in collaboration with Laagencia, a diasporic office forart projects. In 2021 she received a Master of Arts degree from the Institut Kunst FHNW in Basel.