Héctor Zamora

Born in 1974 in Mexico City. Lives and works in Lisbon.

Héctor Zamora is a Mexican artist that works in public spaces both indoors and outdoors. Zamora’s work questions the exhibition space by creating ephemeral site-specific artworks that involve viewers participation. In a hidden manner, his artistic practice reveals social, political and historical issues that are anchored to the sites chosen for his artwork. Both performative and plastic, Héctor Zamora’s body of works functions as a dialogue in which Art is an object as well as an event.

Héctor Zamora graduated from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco, Mexico City in graphic design in 1998.

Available artwork

©Galería Albarrán Bourdais,

Ciclos Contenidos V, 2019


119 x 157 cm

Price on request

Héctor Zamora - Greca PSD 350 - 2017,

Greca PSD 350, 2017

Clay bricks

Unique piece

260 x 36 cm

Price on request

Héctor Zamora - Ordem e Progresso, 2017 -I,

Ordem e Progresso, 2017

Inkjet print

133 x 200 cm

Ed. 3 + 1 PA

Price on request


Héctor Zamora - Movimientos emisores de existencia - 2019,

Movimientos emisores de existencia, 2019


5m 25s

Ed. 3 +1 PA

Price on request