Esther Stocker

Italy, 1974.

Her work principally consists of paintings and installations in an abstract and geometrical perspective, the two genres being closely related to each other. The artist’s installations are three dimensional projections of her paintings, exclusively made with a limited palette of black, grey and white. Could they be described as spatial, sculptural paintings or rather as pictorial spaces? Esther Stocker breaks the genres of art. Her research focuses on vision and perception of space in a social and contemporary approach, also being influenced by new technologies. The creation of her pieces is inseparably connected to a highly elaborated mathematical discourse, an essential part of her artistic method. The artist’s reflection is focused on the question: “How is a perfect system imperfect in reality?”. Her geometric structures are based upon eternally self-repeating modules that create a seemingly ordered visual rhythm, to which the artist adds aberrations in order to generate an adjacent but new rhythm. This introduction of deviation in the optical balance, similar to the 16th Century’s mannerist architectural approach, creates surprise and emotion through the purposeful disruption of order and plane dimension.

Available artwork


Esther Stocker
Untitled, 2021
Print on canvas cover, epoxy resin for indoor and outdoor spaces
Variable dimensions
Unique piece

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